Crabapple Hill Studio Hocuspocusville Quilt Pattern



Crabapple Hill Studio Hocuspocusville Quilt Pattern by Meg Hawkey for Crabapple Hill Studio.

This whimsical quilt finishes to approximately 68"x68". In true Crabapple Hill Style this is a fun quilt to make. This town is sure to have something Goulish for everyone. Start with the "fly thru" lane at the coffee shop to get your favorite frog leg espresso, visit the used broom shop, pick up yours clothes from the dirty laundry shop, look for a new job at the Toil & Trouble Employment Agency, and finish the day at the Witches Stitches Quilt Shop. Tomorrow spend another day of fun discovering everything else the town has to offer, you may even be able to get your hair done. This is the pattern only. Includes all embroidery, piecing and finishing instructions to complete this quilt


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