The Stitchwitch Spellbinders Quilt Show Pattern Set by Crabapple Hill



The Stitchwitch Spellbinders Quilt Show Quilt Pattern Set by Meg Hawkey for Crabapple Hill Studio

The girls are back and this time they are having a quilt show! All instructions for piecing, color tinting, embroidering and finishing this 75 1/2″ x 81 1/2″ Quilt.

This set includes:

Pattern #1: Nivelda Fifflestitch was recruited to advertise the opening of the quilt show and she’s doing a great job – as long as she can stay airborn.

Pattern #2: Appelonia Fifflestitch is a bit of a free spirit! I hope she doesn’t get hung up in the clotheslines hung with quilts on her way down. Yes, it’s happened before.

Pattern #3: Ludmilla Hexenbroot is so late getting her quilt entry in to the show, she just had to throw it around her shoulders, tie it at her neck, and FLY! Hope she gets it there on time

Pattern #4  Delthezda Booch’s cat, Honeybunny, is holding on for dear life! Usually he gets to ride in the box on her handlebars but today the box is full of Delthezda’s quilt entries for the show.

Pattern #5 Cursida looks a little apprehensive about riding to the show in Adrazelle’s motorcycle sidecar! Hold on Cursida – you’re almost there!

Pattern #6 Blanderhoop and Appeldore are are picking up last minute entries for the quilt show – and having WAY too much fun doing it!

Pattern #7 Alwinnia Carbunkle is driving the Blackbird Shop Hop Bus again this year and possibly for the last time if the look on her face is any indication of how the trip has gone! The shop hop ends with the Stitchwitch Spellbinders Quilt

Pattern #8 The quilts are hung, the shop is ready, all of the vendor booths are set up – there may even be live music!

Pattern #9 Everything you will need to put the entire quilt show together.

This does not include fabric of embroidery thread.

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